Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Up-cycled Key Holder...

I call this a 'key holder' for lack of better name...if you have one let me know...but remember my chair? I had extra fabric and this ugly thing as well as the key word hanger and thought hey why not? I'm hoping it will keep me from loosing my keys so much. So do do something like this you will need:

  • A framed mirror and/or cork board 
  • Cute Fabric
  • twine(I used this around my edges because I couldn't take the cork board out to wrap fabric around)
  • And last but not least hooks, I probably would have used some fun drawer pulls even if I didn't already have the 'keys' thing
  • paint 
  • stain 
  • wood glue
  • hot glue

Here is a photo representation of my efforts

Before...nothing exciting 

Rough it up, paint, stain, let dry

Find your fabric for cork part

I traced size of fabric, cut, hot glued then stapled for good measure

looks like this at this stage

To cover staples and uneven edges I added twine using hot glue

When you like how it looks, cut and push in tight, secure with hot glue

I used wood glue cause I figured it would hold better

Whala! Better right? Now it matches my chair.

So functional! 

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