Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting back on Track!!!

OK!!! I am BACK! I had my little girl and she is just perfect! She is so sweet Hinkley Ann Campbell came to us August 29 @ 2:50 pm and life as been just so crazy and wonderful and busy and did I say wonderful? Delivery was great (way better than my first) but she was only 7lbs 6oz so compared to her big brother who was over was bound to be better. We are just so grateful and blessed that she is here and healthy. And our new little family is just perfect, and big brother is adjusting so well! (He might love her too much sometimes but that's OK!)

One thing I am struggling with however is getting anything I am ready to get back blogging and I feel like giving myself structure will help me get everything done. We'll see, now don't worry I am not striving for perfection because I know that us just not me...I will never have an immaculate house with bread baking in the oven and sewing my children's clothes but I do want to do more than sit on the couch wondering what to do or where to I think if I give myself certain things to do it will help and I can do it all: snuggle on the couch, tidy up enough to not be embarrassed, and continue all of my projects and journaling while taking care of myself as well. That is what I am striving for anyway...we'll see how I do.

But I am going to go for this as my new blog 'schedule' :)

Mondays: Mommy Monday
I will come up with something fun to do with my kiddo's maybe a DIY sorta thing, a craft, or just a visit to the park. But while I don't care about being that mom that can do it all I do want to always do fun fulfilling things with my kids. I never want to miss out on one fun stage of their life. So...mommy Monday.

Wednesday: Wow Wednesday
This will be my crafts and projects day...It will be a WOW because I actually finished a project to blog about or I will show off someone else's project that totally wow's me and I wish I came up with :) Also if I find a project and can do it I will try my own version and show that too. This one might be a little harder. Because sometimes I can't keep up with all the projects I find or think up but I'll do my best!

Friday: For You Friday
This will be my day where I blog about ways that mommies can take care of themselves because lets face it sometimes all we do is take care of our kids and our house. I think I might be able to do all that better if I take care of myself a little too...So I will blog about fitness, fashion (because I am so fashionable ha ha), and beauty. Just quick things that every mom can do and hopefully have time for and the budget for! This is how I will get to that place of being a mommy but not looking like of both worlds. 

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