Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY onesie upcycle

My little Hinkley was so much smaller than my first that I wasn't prepared with cute little outfits for her that were that small! I had one to bring her home in but that was about it. Even jammies she only had one thing that didn't drown her. For some reason it was so important to me to have her in cute things that fit and when I couldn't find any little outfits to buy I decided to make some...Onesies were my best bet since my kids are long and skinny and I had some hand-me-downs from my cousin so up-cyling was the perfect solution! 

For the owl I took random fabric scraps and just cut them until I liked the shape, used fabric glue to attach on roughly then my sweet mommy helped me stitch around the edges to hold and define!!! And you can do fabric or googly eyes whatever you have! Easy peasy.

The ruffle onesie was even easier! I cut ruffles off of a pair of pants I wasn't going to put her in and started attaching with fabric glue! Just make sure you have something in-between the front and back of the onesie so you don't leak and glue them together! Then to secure for sure for sure just add a few stitches but your glue should work just fine!  FUN HUH!? Free, and they have ended up being my favorite things for her!

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  1. these are so cute. i need to try my hand at these. thanks for sharing. love your blog