Friday, May 27, 2011

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I bought this chair at the DI for next to nothing (the first best thing about this chair). But it had some dirty nasty velvet cushion on it and no padding so I just had to make it a little more suitable to my tastes. My husband was helping me so in his haste to do things I was not able to get pictures of all our steps...but I did link the video I watched to learn how to do it. Its pretty easy.

1. detach your cushion from the chair usually done by taking out a few screws underneath.

2. Detach old fabric and padding (probably the hardest part) our chair had been re done at least 5 times without anyone changing the original fabric. Gross by the last layer we were both dry heaving because there was far more dust than fabric!

3. Clean up base and cut your foam to fit the chair perfect. A little hanging over is  better than blank spots. Once cut glue to wood using tacky glue and let dry (I did mine over night). I also glued then cut so really just do what works for you.

4. Lay over the fabric you chose (choosing the fabric if you are me is the second hardest part) and cut with at least three inches extra on each side more if your padding is thicker I like to have room for mistakes because I have many.

5. Using a staple gun simply pull tight and even and shoot away. I held while my husband stapled it made it easier plus I think he loved playing with the "gun". If you pull a spot too tight it will pull but don't fret, I did and it was easily fixed by pulling the offending staple out and re doing it.

6. Screw back onto your chair and you have something you almost would rather look at than sit on. 

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