Monday, September 26, 2011


Today I have been looking for fun summery things to do with my babies because I know the nice weather will be gone soon and I will be missing it! And now is a better time than ever because it is warm but not scorching! YAY! So this is what I will be doing in days to come: 

  • Playing with some classic sidewalk chalk. Maybe drawing a target somewhere and throwing sponges at it til it fun especially for my little man that LOVES throwing anything!

  • I will make sidewalk chalk paint...and let my kids make a beautiful glorious mess! Thank you ohdeedoh!
  • And I WILL be making HUGE homemade sidewalk chalk using this tutorial from oh my handmade! Seriously people are so cute and creative...thanks for being that way so I can have fun!

I love things like this because they are so simple and can make such fun times and good memories for you and your babies!!! So chalk it up!

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