Monday, September 19, 2011

Fair fun!

I love the Fair! And I love even more now that I have children because it not only gives me a better excuse to go but it makes it so much more fun! I always try to take advantage of the things going on locally that we can go to because they are a great way to change up the routine or give us something different to do!

Flint loved looking at all the animals and he was always quick to take the opportunity for a closer look when they had animals out for people to pet. He even stole a quick hug from a goat...I did in a little bit of worry get him moving from there I was worried that his fearless approach would leave him without an ear or something :) But it was great for the low price of my entrance we were able to see a sea lion show, all the farm animals big and small a heart could desire, and if you really want a fun treat you could try any variety of deep fried food. Oh yeah now you'll pay a pretty penny for that but hey, once a year a deep fried cheesecake has to be worth the price, and the calories right? 

I would also recommend taking grandparents or great grandparents like we did. I had just as much fun watching my Grandpa with Flint as I did watching Flint alone. So not only was it helpful but just so neat. 

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  1. We've always enjoyed the fair too! I probably won't get to go this year, so I'm glad that you were able to eat the fried cheesecake for me! :)