Saturday, April 9, 2011

marshmallow bouquet

I made this for a Young Women activity as a treat/centerpiece. It turned out great and I don't like marshmallows so beside the cuteness I wouldn't have enjoyed it.

What you need:

*Popsicle sticks probably at least 100
*Chocolate chips or melting chips (don't use white chocolate chips)
*1-2 teaspoons vegetable oil
*Original m&ms
*Styrofoam ball
*Dowel or pencil
*Cute ribbon

1. Melt the chocolate add the vegetable oil this keeps it from being too thick and also helps keep it soft and more easily eaten when it cools.

2. While chocolate it melting arrange m&ms on wax paper in a flower shape. It sounds hard but its easier than arranging them on the marshmallows. (which is what I tried at first.)

3. Stick the sucker sticks in the marshmallow and dip, then place them on the m&m flowers.

4. While marshmallows are setting up secure your pencil or dowel to the bottom of the pot. I used duck tape and marbles. for a longer stem on your bouquet use a dowel not a pencil and add some floral foam to the pot to make it extra sturdy.
Example of a longer stem

5. Place your Styrofoam ball in the center of the dowel/pencil coming out of your pot.

6. One by one secure sucker sticks into the ball making sure to place them close together so you can't see through them.

7. It will look like a cute globe bouquet when you are done and to make it cute add ribbons etc. to your pot or for a longer dowel its cute to tie it right on the dowel. Add your touch its yours now!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Rosette Chunk Necklaces


Cute right? I always see them on Etsy and I love them so I decided to try and make some...not too bad for my first try.

You will need:

*fabric strips for rosettes
*hot glue
*beads (optional)

1. Make a bunch of rosettes. Varying sizes for a little more personality. How many you make will depend on what size of necklace you want.

2. Place them how you want the overall shape of your necklace to be. Place them right on the felt to avoid messing up the placement you want.

3. Simply hot glue them on the felt. Be sure to push them close together to avoid gaps.I like to add the glue to the rosette to avoid having glue where it shouldn't be.

4. Where ribbon goes place a dot of glue on felt to hold in place, then add glue to rosette and place over ribbon.

5. If you want beads thread them onto ribbon once everything has dried.

6. Cut felt tight around the shape of your clump of rosettes.

7. Hot glue any accent beads on that you wish! Be creative also try buttons and broaches etc!

8. Tie on and enjoy! You look fabulous.