Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Halloween Breakfast

Adorable pancakes anyone??? These have been a fun little suprise this morning. I decided since I love love halloween we just had to have something fun. So we made some jack-o-lantern pancakes.

Just make your favorite pancake recipe and add in equal parts of red and yellow food coloring to make the batter orange.

Then pour out your batter into your hot greased skillet and if you didn't get a pumpkin shape by pouring just push it around a little with your spoon.

Next add some delish chocolate chips. I had the large chips on hand so thats what we used! Place onto pankcake while it is cooking on the first side then when its ready flip and WHALA!

The best part was Flints face when he saw his 'punkin' pancake! A easy fun treat for breakfast! 

1 comment:

  1. Your Halloween themed party is really adorable. These pancakes are so luscious so I want to try them for my tea party at one of NYC venues. Surely all my guests will love everything. Thanks for this amazing ideas and will try to hire famous bakers for snacks.