Friday, October 14, 2011

Let it go...

What did I do for myself this week? I let things go. I didn't worry about my house 24/7 I always chose the kids first. And you know what it was wonderful. Now I always really choose my kids first anyone who knows me knows I don't have the imaculate house I just dream about it. But I let myself not worry about it. And to be honest my house was just as clean if not more than usual.

I swear I saved energy not stressing over what I wasn't doing. Insead I made halloween costumes, and ran a booth with the beehives at our halloween carnival, went to black island farms, and shopping for family pictures (that one would have been better without my kids) but it was all wonderful! We TOTALY survived and at naptime I honestly had a little more energy to get things done and in a few short bursts I was able to get as much done as would normally take me a whole morning! So for the following week what I would challenge you to do is just LET IT GO. Don't worry, it will be fine and kids aren't kids for long. So don't stress just steps, over a few naps you can get done what you need too.

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