Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday sweets week 5: Cakeballs

OK, So like I said in my last week late post...I had a crazy but fun week. We had stadium of fire on Saturday which was awesome, church and visiting family Sunday, and more fourth of July celebrations all day Monday including all of my packing and preparing for girls camp. (yes I procrastinated big time) I worked Tuesday left for girls camp wed, was there until Friday then worked Saturday. Phew, it makes me tired all over again just thinking about it. But with the holiday, and how very well fed I was at girls camp I decided to not make a treat this Sunday but feature a wonderful treat that my good friend Sarah brought me to work on Saturday.  And yes it was Delicious!

She graced me with her original Capn' crunch cake-ball!  YES, I said Capn' Crunch!!! That is her thing, she came up with her business Goodness Gracious Cakeballs and I will say she is so good at it because she is passionate about it. She is constantly coming up with new flavors and making classic flavors look better than ever! She'll do seasonal flavors, and decorate any kind to whatever theme you can think up! Check out her apple one's for teacher appreciation, or how cute for back to school?! 

Thanks so much Sarah for my treat this week I couldn't have picked a better one!

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  1. Hi Lindsey! I was just getting ready to post about the cakeballs I made over the weekend! Great minds think alike! :) Mine didn't turn out as beautifully as the ones you posted, but they were kind of fun to make. I might try them again just to perfect their look a bit more!