Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am still here and no baby...

So I obviously dropped the ball and did not post on sunday...I didn't make any treats and I'm sorry it wasn't because I was in labor but because I knew I would be on overload because I did a party for my handsome hubby because he graduated with his masters (WHOO-HOO!!!) and made everything Reese's or peanut butter and chocolate. I gained weight just looking at everything!!! So I will post some recipes soon and if I make it to this sunday it will be a doozy! I have to stop eating anything rich of any form because this one promises to be! Thanks for forgiving me!!!

Also this is so me to a T! I am way behind on everything...I think I was worried about running out of projects before the baby comes; but now I have so much that there is no way I will get everything done! But I will blog finished projects as I have time to breath...probably not til after baby, unless she takes her sweet time...we'll see!

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